Toxikc Colour Visuals specializes in creating and delivering high-end content no matter what the project is.

From Marketing Materials to Music Videos, from Magazine Covers to Family Portraiture. From fine art landscape prints to product photography. We cover it all!

  • Toxikc Colour Visuals also brings you the best audio production resources available in our exclusive partnership with Phat Bula Records.

Phat Bula Records has a fully equipped sound studio based on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is the ONLY sound studio that has been designed for ADR and sound for picture.

When all is said and done, Toxikc Colour Visuals & Phat Bula Records will bring nearly 45 years of experience to your visual or audio needs!

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Natec Penn

Agent - Producer - Editor - Director

Natec (Linda) has over 15 years experience of audio & video production and regularly teaches her skills to many individuals. Natec has worked on a full array of commercial and educational productions ranging from projects made for profit & non-profit organizations as well as having worked on many State and grant financed productions. She also loves to travel to India every year!

Jesse Tunison

Photography - Director - Editor - Cinematographer

Jesse has been working professionally since 2006 on an array of projects from TV productions to feature films. His photographic work spans from marketing materials, to magazine covers, and high end portraiture photography. Jesse is also well known for his landscape photography. He is also currently on the board of directors for Volcano Art Center. He also loves sleeping as often as possible!

Damon Williams & Phat Bula Records

Producer - Audio Engineer - Recording Artist

Damon released his first album "Love is All" at age 19, and nearly 20 years later Damon has been featured on over 50 albums, and has released several personal albums in the process. Damon has also produced many artists under his record label Phat Bula Records. Today Damon's talents can be seen in the recording studio and during live performances. His beloved hobby is visiting wineries!